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We all lost family, friends,colleagues during the pandemic . Many died of covid, many didn’t.  Dagenham Parish Church are holding a memorial service on Thursday 11th November 2021 at 7.30 pm to give the community an opportunity to remember and give thanks for those we lost. A roll call of names will be made.
It is a free event to attend, and you can book tickets on the link below, where there is a space to put your loved ones name for inclusion on the roll call.
Alternatively, you can contact the Vicar, Joel Edwards on 0208 215 2962 “

There will be a roll call of those who have died (not just from Covid-19) since March 2020.

Please inform us of your loved one’s name to be included in the roll call.


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Is Covid-19 God’s judgement for sin?

Is Covid-19 God’s judgement for sin?

In John 9:1-3, Jesus’ disciples ask who is to blame for a person BORN with a disease. Is it him or his parents?  Jesus says that was not because of his sin or because of his parents’ sin.  We must not think we can explain the cause or guilt behind every death.

Clearly, some sins will cause my own death – e.g. careless driving. It might also cause the death of others – if they are passengers whilst I am driving like that.

But in other cases, we will not find a link between a sin and a sickness or a death. Death resulting from the corona virus is one instance of this. Unless I deliberately act to infect myself or infect others, we will not be able say ‘that particular sin caused his death’.

So why do we die if we don’t cause it by a reckless act? I wrote, “God punishes the sin that we are all guilty of with a pattern of sickness and death that we experience in various ways.”

When sin came into the world, so did death (Romans 5:12). We die because we are sinners.  The Bible says ‘the wages of sin is death’ (Romans 6 verse 23).

So each victim of the virus will die because of their sin.  Just as we all will. It makes no difference if we are Christian or not. The only person who did not deserve to die because of sin is Jesus.

We will all die, we are already guilty of sin that deserves death. The important action is to be ready for what happens after that. Some people will say ‘I don’t believe in life after death’.  Their belief or not makes no difference. If life after death happens, it happens.

The fact that Jesus rose from the dead shows there is life after death. He promised that he would take his people to share life with him after death (John 14:1-6). That will be true for us if, and only if, we trust Jesus.


Why didn’t God do what we prayed for?

Over the past four years, we have prayed often for Eloise Taylor.  We prayed for God to heal her – whether through medicine or supernaturally.  We prayed that she and her family could be back home leading a normal family life.

Our Father has freed Eloise from suffering – by taking her home to him.  He did not enable her to return home with her family.

Like us, Jesus prayed and didn’t get what he asked for.  On the night before he died, he asked, please let me have another way, please let me not suffer for the sin of the world.  But Jesus did not get what he asked for.

Why bother praying then?  God our Father uses our prayers in his plans.  And his plans will work out for the best – in the end.  Our prayers do not change his plans.  But our Father loves to answer our prayers when we ask for things that fit with his plans.  It is like when a father intends to give his children a gift – but wants them to ask for it first (1 John 5:14).  But when we ask for things that contradict his plans, his good plans, he does not give that.

Why didn’t God allow Eloise to recover health and return to her family?  We do not know. We can trust he knows better than us.  Ask him to give you more of that trust.  And keep asking him – it is what children who trust their father do.

Joel Edwards


HLF… Thank You

The following links are our letters of thanks to:

National Lottery Heritage Fund

Allchurches Trust

They have been highly instramental in funding the repairs to our tower and roof. It goes without without saying how grateful we are and what a help they have been in the progress we have made.

“Putting Gambling money to a good Use” Mike Reith (former Vicar at Dagenham Parish Church)


Sundays sermon notes

Owing to the sermon on Sunday failing to record properly, we have decided to post Mus’s sermon notes in full. Sorry for the inconveinience. 

Genesis 45  This is a link to the PDF file for you to download to your PC or mobile device

Genesis 45
T: God works through human sin to bring salvation
A: Come near to the gracious Son for salvation
– Don’t be distressed or angry with yourselves (but see
sin in context)
– Don’t quarrel along the way
V: tender, warm, affectionate
Sylv and me went for a walk in a national park,
when we were having lunch i over heard some children
playing a game,
a little girl said to her mum “you can be my revenge
serpent. ”
now i’m not sure what game they were playing, or where
the little girl had heard this,

but is makes a point – the nature of the world and our old
sinful nature wants to pay back those who wrong us.
In contrast today, In this bit of the Joseph story
We see a gracious character in Joseph. Joseph doesn’t
take revenge, because he has learned something about
God and the way he works.

If we learn this and let this truth sink in, with prayer
We’ll be find greater freedom to not hold things against
people for the wrongs they’ve done to us.
We’ll have greater trust in God’s sovereignty, his rule over
all things
And we’ll experience greater peace in our relationships.
It’s a truth that defines the whole meaning of our existence
and that reaches to the heart of the gospel/the good news
of Jesus.
Let’s get our bearings in the Joseph story.
Last week we ended on the big reveal.
Joseph reveals who he is to his brothers
Josephs older brother Judah as spokesperson for the
brothers gives a speech that shows they have changed.

Whereas in the past they had been jealous of joseph, their
dad’s favourite, and wanted to kill him,
nor caring at all about what it would do to their Dad,
they sell him off out of their lives, to some midianite
traders, Joseph ends up as a slave in Egypt.
But this was all part of God’s plan.
A famine strikes the known world, Josephs family in
Canaan and all of Egypt are affected.
But Joseph interpreted a dream pharaoh had that warned
about the famine years in advance, so he put Joseph in
charge of storing up all the food to prepare for the famine.
Joseph through this dream and his God given wisdom
rose to be the most important person in Egypt, bar
Long story short, the brothers come to Egypt coz they
heard there was food and meet Joseph the boss of the
Joseph pretends not to know his brothers but tests them
by engineering a situation where they have the
opportunity to get rid of their dad’s favourite son.
dad’s new favourite benjamin has been framed

and is now guilty of stealing from Joseph and so will be
Judah pleads with the man (not yet known to him as
joseph) for him to take him instead of benjamin.
Judah’s speech shows that the brothers have been
humbled, they are sorry for what they did to joseph and in
their actions are showing repentance – a changing of
This is the major turning point of the whole joseph story
and it teaches us a very big truth about God and human
So let’s pick up the story in verse 1
Then Joseph could no longer control himself before all his
attendants, and he cried out, ‘Make everyone leave my
presence!’ So there was no one with Joseph when he
made himself known to his brothers. 2 And he wept so
loudly that the Egyptians heard him, and Pharaoh’s
household heard about it.

Joseph loses control of his emotions. They are strong and
You can imagine, this is the culmination of over 30 years
since being sold by his brothers.
And here they are, bowing down to him as God had said,
humbled, sorry.
What thoughts and feelings are rushing through joseph’s
He can’t keep it all in,
His, cool egyptian-wiseman cover is cracking
He sends everyone out except his brothers,
Now he can talk privately and intimately with his family
Verse 3
3 Joseph said to his brothers, ‘I am Joseph! Is my father
still living?’ But his brothers were not able to answer him,
because they were terrified at his presence.

And now here the brothers are bowed down before one of
the most powerful men in the world, feeling guilty for what
they have done to him, their lives are in his hands.
…and they’re terrified.
But Joseph doesn’t summon a revenge serpent.
All the time he’s been pretending not to recognise them,
Moses the writer of Genesis gives us glimpses into
Josephs tenderness
Joseph’s not angry with them, he’s not taking revenge,
Now what’s in Josephs heart towards his brothers comes
out his mouth:
Verse 4
4 Then Joseph said to his brothers, ‘Come close to me.’
When they had done so, he said, ‘I am your brother
Joseph, the one you sold into Egypt! 5 And now, do not be
distressed and do not be angry with yourselves for selling
me here, because it was to save lives that God sent me
ahead of you.
Joseph the hated favourite son
The son as good as dead
is now exalted, alive, the lord of the earth.
This exalted son… is tender towards his humbled brothers.
Come close to me
He wants them to be near him, Come close to me
When he says – The one you sold into egypt!
He proving it’s really him
And He’s real about what they’ve done to him, but he’s not
trying to make them feel bad,
actually he’s trying to relieve their guilty emotions
Do not be distressed
Do not be angry with yourselves.
What beautiful, gracious character.
Joseph understands what they are going through, he
knows how they might be feeling.

And he wants them to be at peace.
He isn’t bitter, he’s not angry with them, he doesn’t want
them to suffer under guilt anymore.
No, he’s tender and gentle with those who trafficked him
away from his family home.
How can he be so kind?
How can we have this attitude?
This is it, this is where we learn the big truth, the secret of
Joseph’s graciousness:
Verse 5
And now, do not be distressed and do not be angry with
yourselves for selling me here, because
it was to save lives that God sent me ahead of you.

Joseph see’s God’s bigger purpose in what his brothers
did to him.
He sees what the brothers did to him – sell him into slavery
– but he sees that against the backdrop of God’s greater
plan to save all their lives, and the lives of the surrounding
it was to save lives that God sent me ahead of you.
He says it twice more verse 6
6 For two years now there has been famine in the land,
and for the next five years there will be no ploughing and
reaping. 7 But God sent me ahead of you to preserve for
you a remnant on earth and to save your lives by a great
8 ‘So then, it was not you who sent me here, but God.
And this is the big truth we learn at this turning point in the
Joseph story:

God works through human sin to bring salvation.
God works through human sin to bring salvation.
Joseph understood this, that’s why he could say about the
same event:
(v4)You sold me into egypt and
(v8)It was not you who sent me here but God.
You sold me
God sent me
You sold me into Egypt – the human sin
God sent me ahead of you – God’s working
And this was to bring salvation
To save lives v6
To save lives by a great deliverance v7

Because Joseph understands how God works behind the
even scenes where he is sinned against,
he is able to be forgiving towards his brothers and say
Don’t be distressed and don’t be angry with yourselves for
what you’ve done.
Joseph shows his wisdom here.
He knows what people are like.
When Christians sin, all being well we will feel guilty and a
right guilt is designed to lead us to God.
But because we are so focused on ourselves, those right
feelings of guilt can turn into sinful self hatred.
I’ve struggled with self hatred to the point of hitting myself
in the face.
its the kind of attitude that makes you want to beat
yourself up.
You realise your guilt and are angry with yourself and
sometimes that bitterness spills over and you’re angry with
other people

If you have been humbled like the brothers,
You’ve seen and owned your guilt
you are actually sorry
God doesn’t want you to be angry with yourself.
God doesn’t want his humbled people to be angry with
themselves or distressed because of their sin.
He want’s you to take your eyes off of yourself and see the
bigger picture
Your sin is part of God’s salvation tapestry
Your sin is just a strand in the tapestry- if you zoom out,
you will see God’s Son Jesus, saving you from your sin,
by dying in your place and rising from the dead.
That’s the context in which Christians should see there
hear Jesus say to you, like Jospeh to his brothers:
“Come near to me.”
Our guilt is meant to lead us to God.

Come near to Jesus, knowing what you’ve done, sorry for
what you’ve done,
Then fixing your eyes on Jesus face full of sympathy,
forgiveness, love.
Looking at him full of grace and truth,
If we are angry with ourselves, we become embittered
toward others too.
If we are not at peace in our own consciences, because
we aren’t enjoying peace with God then
it makes it harder to be at peace with others too.
We need to see the bigger picture
God works through human sin to bring salvation.
Embracing this truth will liberate us from self hatred and
Christian – When you lie awake at night on your bed and
the skeletons of your past, the things you are ashamed of
come creeping into your mind, instead of beating yourself
up….  Step back, see the bigger picture

Remember that God is working through human sin to bring
God’s sovereign hand is working through those events to
bring about a gracious end, though you have sinned, God
has treated you better than you deserve, and your ultimate
end will be better than you deserve.
When you encounter your husband or wife’s sin, the thing
they seem to keep doing, the thing that really gets to you,
instead of getting angry and feeling sorry for yourself
see the bigger picture
You can step back and think…this is all part of God’s plan
to save.
God is saving.
You can not hold it against the person who sinned against
you if you see God’s bigger purpose. Like Joseph you can
say – it was not you. I know you did actually do it, but God
has a bigger purpose that your sin is apart of, so i can go
easy on you.
He has allowed sin to exist and he is working to bring us
finally into heaven through this sin saving us from it.

We can say that God is in absolute control over all things
even through human sin.
We must be crystal clear. God allows sin to happen. But
he hates it.
He is perfectly righteous and holy and good, there is no
sin in God.
Humans sin. We are responsible to God for our sin.
But God uses sin as part of his plan to save the world.
his plan was always to save people from their sin,
The ultimate example of this
Jesus, God’s son died in the place of guilty sinners to pay
for their sins, and rise from death to give them everlasting
God has allowed your sin to happen so he can send his
son to die in your place, rise and forgive you – so you will
see what he is like – see his grace and praise him.
How Joseph acts here towards his brothers is a glimmer of
the character of Jesus, full of grace and truth.

Isaiah 42:3 3
A bruised reed he will not break,
and a smoldering wick he will not snuff out.
Jesus is tender towards the broken hearted, humbled and
repentant sinner
He says come close to me, don’t be angry with yourself
Then he lifts the bowed down sinner up and provides them
with eternal life.
If you’re not a Christian
you will have experienced self hatred too
either for something you felt bad about doing
or if you have fail in something in life that is really
important to you, a relationship, a job or sport that defines
If you know yourself to be a failure in life, this sense of
failure and even guilt was designed to bring you to God.

If you fail in your job or in a realtionship and it feels like the
world has ended, its because that person or work has
become your identity, and is functionally your God.
But think about it, can another person like you, really fulfill
the weight of all your hopes and dreams?
Or do people with great success in life and work find
lasting peace and happiness?
What’s more important than achievement and human
Is living in right relationship with the God who made you
and loves you.
if you know that you have messed up in anything, know
that you’ve definitely messed
when it comes to doing what pleases God,
God’s judgement for this is death
It’s a serious thing to sin against the almighty God
If you are not a christian and this is news to you, and you
are sorry for your sin against God
Here Jesus speak his words of life and grace to you:
Come near to me.
Come near to Jesus
When Jesus was sold by his own people, handed over to
death,  he paid the price of your sin – death.

And when he rose from death in power he sent his people
to tell the good news that he is lord of all the earth and can
provide everlasting life for all who believe in him.
Come near to Jesus, trust him, he will deliver you and
bring you into his kingdom to live with him forever.

Now God’s plan to save is coming to fruition, Joseph
sends his brothers to bring his Dad Jacob and the whole
family into Egypt where they will be saved from the famine
8 ‘So then, it was not you who sent me here, but God. He
made me father to Pharaoh, lord of his entire household
and ruler of all Egypt. 9 Now hurry back to my father and
say to him, “This is what your son Joseph says: God has
made me lord of all Egypt. Come down to me; don’t delay.
10 You shall live in the region of Goshen and be near me
– you, your children and grandchildren, your flocks and
herds, and all you have. 11 I will provide for you there,
because five years of famine are still to come. Otherwise
you and your household and all who belong to you will
become destitute.”
This passage highlights Josephs deep affection and
emotion towards his brothers
His loud crying. Here he weeps, his brothers weep, they
embrace each other, kiss, and then talk. It doesn’t say
what they talked about, the point is that they are talking
again. There relationship is good. These are the tokens of
reconciliation and right relationship. I know we are british
and restrained. The egyoptian palace culture was also
cool and restrained. But in a family all over the world
talking, hugging, kissing, weeping are can be genuine
signs of healthy relationships. A good application from
this is: give someone a hug, or in a way that is appropriate
show affection to someone, a hug can be very disarming.
Enjoy talking with someone.

Please note keep it pure younger men especially.
14 Then he threw his arms around his brother Benjamin
and wept, and Benjamin embraced him, weeping. 15 And
he kissed all his brothers and wept over them. Afterwards
his brothers talked with him.
The last thing we’ll note is the lovely moment where
Joseph is peacemaker in his family
24 Then he sent his brothers away, and as they were
leaving he said to them, “Don’t quarrel on the way!”
He knows what they are like and wants them to be at
peace with eachother.
God wants his family to be at peace with eachother.
The big truth we’ve learned:
God works through human sin to bring salvation

Will empower us to be at peace with eachother.
When we are tempted to take issue with a brother or
sister, even beacause of their sin, we do it with the heart
of Jesus the peacemaker.
We can be mindful that God is saving our brother or
sisters who has sinned and seek peace with them, either
through loving rebuke, or overlooking, whatever is best for
them, whatever makes for genuine peace.
God works through human sin to bring salvation
Come near to the gracious Son for salvation
– Don’t be distressed or angry with yourselves (but see
sin in context)
– Don’t quarrel along the way
– Be at peace with each other


Video from Jay and Eloise

These are the two messages to and fro between Us, Eloise and family



Unrecorded Sermon “preachers notes”

Owing to the Service last Sunday being in the Exeter Road Hall the sermon was not recorded. For those who are interested below is the text of the sermon that Mus preached sadly no pictures attached.

Ephesians 5:22-33


T: Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her

A: Husbands love, wives submit


I’ve got some very good news for everyone. Jesus loves you.

Jesus loves you so much that he gave up his life so that you could live forever.


Jesus’ love is huge!


Its so high you can’t get over it, so low you can’t get under it, so wide you can’t get around it.


If you believe in Jesus, then you are part of his church. Jesus loves his church – he died to save her.

This is the best news.


This morning we are going to hear from a bit of the bible that teaches us how Jesus’ love is the pattern for marriage.


What is marriage?    Yeah, Marriage is a gift from God.  When God joins 1 man and 1 woman together for life.  God wants marriages to remind us of Jesus loving the church.  He wants the husband to love his wife like Jesus loves the church, and the wife to love her husband like the church loves Jesus.


That’s how God wants marriages to be.


He wants them to be a real life sketch that teaches the world how Jesus loves his church.  A picture that reminds of how Jesus loves his church and the church loves Jesus:


<Show sketch of loving husband and submissive wife>


We’re going to meet some wives and husbands, and we’ll see which ones are most like what God wants.

So first, bring in the wives:


<show picture of squashed wife>


 Squashy Sheila


Squashy Sheila doesn’t give her thoughts to her husband when they have to make an important choice. She doesn’t think what she says could be worth anything, so she just keeps quiet.


<show picture of bossy wife>


Princess Prunella


Princess Prunella is the boss in her marriage.

She orders her husband around and is always telling him what to do.

When he doesn’t listen, she shouts at him until he does.


<show picture of submissive wife>


 Submissive Sandra


Submissive Sandra respects her husband. She lets him be the leader, and enjoys letting him take care of her.  Sometimes Sheila’s husband makes the wrong decision, and she lets him know she thinks he is wrong and wants to help him see why, she prays for God to show him, but she stands by him and lets him decide.


Who do we think is most like what the bible teaches?  …….. Yes its Submissive Sandra


Let’s read what the Bible says about how wives should love their husbands in Eph Ch 5 v22:


  1. Wives, submit yourselves to your own husbands as you do to the Lord.


Submissive Sheila is most like what God wants. Does anyone know what the word submit means?

In football the players submit to the manager. God wants wives to submit to their husbands.

This means he wants them to Let him be the leader.


<Mus calls Sylvie to the front>


When a man and a woman jive dance, the man decides which moves to do and the woman goes with that move, she submits to him and everyone has a fun time dancing.


This is what happens.   ( Sylvia and Mus Dance )


But if the wife is a squashy Sheila and doesn’t dance… Or if the wife is a Princess Prunella and tries to lead…   ( Sylvia and Mus Dance  but it is a mess)


This is the way God has made marriages to work. They work best and everyone is happiest when the wife submits to her husband.


And the bible tells us why…  Marriages work best when the wife submits because marriages are made to show us How Jesus treats his church and how the church treats Jesus.



For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, his body, of which he is the Saviour.  Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit to their husbands in everything.


The Church (God’s people who follow Jesus) The Church submits to Christ.




If you part of his church That’s how we act towards Jesus. We let him be the Lord, we surrender to him, we let him save us. So God made the husband the head the wife so that the wives can submit to them and show the world how the Church acts towards Jesus.



But what about the husbands:


<show picture of “Lordy” husband>


 Lordy Leeroy


Lordy Leeroy believes men are better than women. He rules his wife by bossing her around.

He bullies her into serving him and doing what he wants. He is the boss, but his wife is miserable.


<show picture of doormat husband>


 Doormat Dennis


Dennis has given up trying to be the leader. He doesn’t give any direction to his marriage, he doesn’t have a plan. He doesn’t ask for God’s help to love his wife so that she will respect him, he just does what she says even if he doesn’t think it’s a good idea.


<show picture of loving husband>


 Loving Lenny


Loving Leonard knows that God has made him the head of his wife. He knows that Jesus is the head of him. He uses the role God has given him to take care of his wife. He makes sure she is cared for just the way he’d like to be treated.


Which husband is most like what God wants?……It’s Loving Lenny.


Let’s read what the Bible says to husbands:  Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her.


Christ Jesus loved the church. His love is a strong love that means he would die for his church. Which is what he did.  People turn away from God and deserve to die and be punished forever and never be with God.  But Jesus loves his church so much that he took the punishment we deserve for our sins,


On the cross he died instead of us Now we can have eternal life with him. Those who believe in Jesus have been made clean by his death and will live with him in heaven forever.


26 to make her holy, cleansing her by the washing with water through the word, 27 and to present her to himself as a radiant church, without stain or wrinkle or any other blemish, but holy and blameless.


This is how Jesus loved the church.  This is how God wants husbands to love their wives.




I will speak to Husbands for a bit.  This doesn’t mean that you should take your wife into a warzone so you can jump in front of a bullet for her. It does mean that you will give things up for your wife’s good.

You will spend your pleasure and comfort, to do her good. You will work hard for her, so you can lighten her load.  It might look something like this – Maybe one night you are both tired and it is the end of a long week and there is an absolutely huge pile of dishes to be washed.


Your wife seems a little low and you know that she loves to sew/watch movies/go dancing/read/ insert hobby.  But the thought of doing the dishes for her feels like death to you, You would love to veg out in front of the telly or go to the gym/pub/insert hobby


You remember that Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her.  And think… Jesus loved me by giving up his life for me and I’m so happy that he loves me…  Now I’ll go through the death of washing the dishes to love my wife… tonight I’ll give up my hobby so she can enjoy hers – and I will be so happy because I get to be like my Lord Jesus, And my wife will be blessed with some fun time.


Paul in this letter, makes it even clearer for husbands – If you’re wondering how to love your wife like Christ loved the church:



28 In this same way, husbands ought to love their wives as their own bodies. He who loves his wife loves himself. 29 After all, no one ever hated their own body, but they feed and care for their body, just as Christ does the church – 30 for we are members of his body.


Love your wife as yourself.


Do you feed yourself? Make sure your wife is fed. Do you think about how you want to relax and spend your free time?  Think about what your wife would like to do to relax and plan something fun for her free time.  Do you make sure you are spiritually healthy, that you read the bible and pray regularly, keeping your relationship with God good?


Make sure your wife is spiritually healthy, make sure she has time to spend with God in prayer, and is feeding on God’s word, make sure she has good friendships and relationships, that she knows she is cared for.  If you can think of anything good you want for yourself, do that for her, this might seem like death at first, but it is the most fun, joyful way to live and is the way God wants marriages to reflect Christ and the church.


what if you are not married?   Paul teaches us that submission is how all Christians should act towards each other.




Because Jesus is the Lord, Christians are to give up trying to boss each other.


Paul also says that Love is how all Christians are to treat each other V2


So we can all think about something good we like for ourselves and do that for our fellow brothers and sisters in love. So if for example… you would like someone to call you up to see how you are  … call someone up to see how they are.



What if you are not married, but want to be? Well who seems like the best match from our wives and husbands? ……Yes Lenny and Sandra.  If you are a woman who wants to be married, look for a loving Lenny, someone who isn’t “Lordy”, and someone who won’t be a door mat. Or if you are a man looking for a wife, look for a submissive Sandra someone who isn’t bossy, someone who won’t be squashed.


Now we’ve got to be honest and remember why Jesus had to die.  It was because of our sin, because we do what God hates and we do what is evil.  This includes being bad husbands and wives or just bad Christians.  Sometimes husbands are rubbish and it won’t be easy for wives to submit.

Sometimes wives get it wrong and it won’t be easy to love them


But marriage is not about husbands and wives It is about Christ and the church

The bible says Verse 31

31 ‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh.’ 32 This is a profound mystery – but I am talking about Christ and the church.


The reason that marriage exists is because Jesus loves the Church That’s why people get married


Marriage is meant to be a picture of Christ and the church. Marriages work best when they show the picture of Christ and the church more clearly


So husbands look to Christ as your example And know that he is in you to help you give yourself up for your wife in love.  He’s there to forgive us when we are “Lordy” or a doormat, he died so we can be forgiven.


Wives look to the church as your pattern.  The church loves Jesus, we love to submit to him, we cry to him to save us and gladly let him be our lord.  Wives submit to your husbands in this way, knowing that Jesus is in you giving you power to submit, Jesus submitted to his father, let his submission be in you, and when you are squashed or bossy, remember that Jesus died for you so you can be forgiven.


Those of us who are not married, help your married parents or friends to be a picture of Christ and the church. Pray that they will be a clearer picture. Help them see when they get it wrong.


There is so much to say and learn about marriage, and there are husbands and wives with a lot of wisdom and experience who us younger marrieds can ask and learn from over tea and coffee and in life in general.




Marriage can be a painful thing to talk and think about especially if we have been hurt in broken and bad marriages.  Whenever someone mistreats you in your marriage, or outside of marriage, we can remember that Jesus never treats us like that. Marriage can be painful to talk about because we want to be married and aren’t.  We mustn’t forget that marriage is only a picture of the deeper, more permanent relationship between Christ and the church – which all of us take part in.


If you are a Christian, you are joined to Jesus as part of his bride the church Jesus feeds and cares for us and laid down his life for us – what love is this!  This is the reality which marriage is only a faint echo of which all Christians are caught up in. and on the final day we will be presented perfect before Jesus as his Holy, clean bride.


Verse 33

33 However, each one of you also must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband.


Bible Overview: God’s Big Picture

After our recent sermon series looking at an overview of the Bible I want to add two links to the respective websites

1) Clayton TV  9 videos each approx 13mins  God’s Big Picture

2) Online version of the leaflet given out to the Church Little Book Big Picture

The following Sermons from the series are available from the Sermon TAB

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