Is Covid-19 God’s judgement for sin?

Is Covid-19 God’s judgement for sin?

In John 9:1-3, Jesus’ disciples ask who is to blame for a person BORN with a disease. Is it him or his parents?  Jesus says that was not because of his sin or because of his parents’ sin.  We must not think we can explain the cause or guilt behind every death.

Clearly, some sins will cause my own death – e.g. careless driving. It might also cause the death of others – if they are passengers whilst I am driving like that.

But in other cases, we will not find a link between a sin and a sickness or a death. Death resulting from the corona virus is one instance of this. Unless I deliberately act to infect myself or infect others, we will not be able say ‘that particular sin caused his death’.

So why do we die if we don’t cause it by a reckless act? I wrote, “God punishes the sin that we are all guilty of with a pattern of sickness and death that we experience in various ways.”

When sin came into the world, so did death (Romans 5:12). We die because we are sinners.  The Bible says ‘the wages of sin is death’ (Romans 6 verse 23).

So each victim of the virus will die because of their sin.  Just as we all will. It makes no difference if we are Christian or not. The only person who did not deserve to die because of sin is Jesus.

We will all die, we are already guilty of sin that deserves death. The important action is to be ready for what happens after that. Some people will say ‘I don’t believe in life after death’.  Their belief or not makes no difference. If life after death happens, it happens.

The fact that Jesus rose from the dead shows there is life after death. He promised that he would take his people to share life with him after death (John 14:1-6). That will be true for us if, and only if, we trust Jesus.