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Email News 07/04/2022

This Sunday we will have our first Sunday Lord’s Supper in a long time.  If you do not want to share it because of concern about Covid, you will welcome to simply sit.  The teaching will be on the topic of anxiety, looking at Psalm 46, Matthew 6:24-34 and Philippians 4:4-7.  It would be a help if you can read this beforehand.

If you can’t come because of health concerns, Zoom will be available – details below.


Can we have good anger?

The coming week leads into Easter.  The world thinks Christmas is the main Christian celebration.  Believers in Jesus know that his death and resurrection (Easter) are more significant than his birth (Christmas).  Because it is a special time, we have several special events next week – details at the end of this e-mail.

One week before Easter weekend, Jesus arrived in Jerusalem.  He went to the temple and became angry at the tradesmen there selling animals for sacrifices.  They were using the prayer area as a market, preventing people from praying.

People sometimes use this episode to justify their anger.  They say, ‘Anger can’t be wrong.  Jesus was angry.’   But Jesus anger was very different from the usual reasons we get angry.  He wasn’t angry because someone offended him or threatened his comfort.  He was angry because of the unjust treatment of the weak and the dishonouring of his Father.


One writer says this:

In most of our experiences, even our most righteous anger is tinged with ungodliness.  For example: I was crossing a road and was nearly hit by a car because the driver had not signalled. I was angry. Had you asked me why I was angry, I might have said this: “I am angry because this behaviour threatens the good, moral order of society. This behaviour is wrong. I am right to be angry.” But while there is truth in that, I was also angry because I had personally been inconvenienced. I was more angry than if I had seen this happen to somebody else. Even my righteous anger was mixed with sin.

Do you get angry?  To know deeply that we are intimately loved sons and daughters of God (Eph. 5:1) is a life- changing experience. If you are a Christian, do not give up hope of change. Becoming like Jesus is hard work – as we battle our sinful desires which resist the change.  But God will complete his good work in you (Phil 1:6).

Here and here you can read the full webpages that I have quoted.


The church council (PCC) met on Monday.  The main topic was the start of a review of church culture – what character traits we value and desire in leaders (vicar, staff, growth group leaders, Sunday school leaders…) – and how leadership can be more accountable



It’s great to get together outside of usual church meeting times, so a walk has been arranged in Eastbrookend country park on Saturday 9 April. Meet at 10:30 at the Discovery Centre (RM7 0SS) There’s plenty of parking there or bus route 174 stops nearby. There are tearooms and toilets at the Discovery Centre – we can continue time together over a cuppa. If you’d like to come, but can’t walk, just come along to the tea rooms to chat and we’ll meet you after. Hope you can join us.

10 April Lord’s Supper

14 April Maundy Thursday 7 p.m. meal

Good Friday 10.30 a.m. all-age church

Easter Sunday 10.30 a.m. all-age church

19, 20 April No growth groups

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