Midweek activities

Please don’t think of our church as a Sunday-only thing!

There is more to church than just coming on Sundays.


Growth groups (Tuesdays or Wednesdays)

Growth Groups are relaxing times when we can care for others, and get cared for ourselves. We realise it is difficult to get to know everyone in the Church, but we can begin by making real friends with a few!

Growth Groups are times to look closer at the Bible and pray together about real issues, two things which can bring God’s goodness into our lives.

Please contact Joel if you would like to join a Growth Group.  joel.dagenham@gmail.com


Jesus and You Courses

This is a great way in for those who are new, or who would like to have a ‘refresher’ in what following the Lord Jesus Christ is really about.

It won’t embarrass the ‘never been to church before’ type, and allows any outlandish question to be asked in a friendly atmosphere.


Prayer Meetings

We have this on the Wednesday after the first Sunday of the month. These may be preceded by a meal to enable workers to have something to eat before our meeting.

We’d say this was the most important meeting of all.

We ‘Celebrate Grace and Seek Grace’ by celebrating what God is giving to us, and asking him for more!


Work Groups

We need to team up so the new life of Jesus is made known in our area.

There is a part for you to play in children’s groups, visiting teams etc. according to your gifts, personality type, and time available.

Please contact Joel for more information.