What’s important to us?

People from church

In a nutshell, relationships!

Christianity is about a relationship with God

It is not about being good.

It celebrates a Father who, finds a way to love weak and wayward people because his Son took the punishment in our place on the cross.

Jesus opens the way for us to enter into a friendship with his Father that never stops… no matter what we do!

And within that friendship the Holy Spirit speaks to us from the Bible and works to make us like Jesus in the way we live.

Christianity is a relationship with a Family

It is not about an organisation with hierarchy and officials etc.

It is about how the most mixed bunch of people in Dagenham care for each other.

Like any family we bicker, get it wrong; but it doesn’t stop us being family.

Christianity is for everyone

It is not just for a few.

Jesus made everyone in Dagenham, so he loves them.

No one has treated him as God, and all deserve his anger.

But he wants everyone to know of the new life he gives to those who humbly ask him for it.