The very best thing that life can offer us is a relationship, within a loving commitment, for life.

Marriage is therefore worth celebrating, and so a lot of thinking goes into planning the perfect wedding day… (which of course doesn’t need to happen in a church).

I therefore take it that those who want to get married in our church want something more than a civil wedding.

The main task Jesus has given our church is to help people to become his disciples. We therefore bring that desire into all we do – which includes the help we give to those who marry in our church.

What’s the difference between a Christian and a non Christian marriage?

What’s the kind of marriage that lasts a lifetime?

These are important questions worth giving time to. That’s why before we marry anyone in Dagenham Parish Church we invite people to spend 6 evenings with us so we can discuss those questions.

The approach isn’t heavily religious. Laughter, honest talking, great friendships… are all part of the package.

Each evening will begin with a meal for you and a few other couples. (We serve beer, wine… so you might like to leave the car at home.) After that, on the first 3 evenings we’ll look at helpful ways to settle differences.

On the last 3 evenings we’ll look at what Christianity is about, and how it influences the way husbands and wives react to each other, and how children are to be cared for.

We usually meet on six Tuesdays at 7pm. We expect couples to arrange babysitters, get time off work etc because they want to take this preparation seriously.

It is because we think your marriage is important that we are willing to set aside our time, and to make this effort.

The full cost of the service is £450.

It is our church policy not to remarry divorcees.

Please contact us with your details!

Download our Hymn sheet here
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