Resources to help us talk about sex

After the recent sermon on 1 Thessalonians 4, we thought it would be helpful to share some resources that you can use to keep us talking about sex and struggles with sexual immorality.

For Children and Young People

An excellent introduction for young children

Growing up God’s way for Girls and Growing up God’s way for Boys
Short books for children at the end of primary/ start of secondary school

A great book for teenagers with clear answers to real questions

For adults and older teenagers

Purity in the Age of Porn
A short booklet helping us in this difficult fight.  Available through our gotherefor subscription.  Ask Joel or a Growth Group leader for the access code if you don’t have it yet.

Video: Soul Sex: make it last longer

Video: Hard Wired: the new age of porn

If you are struggling with these sorts of issues, please don’t struggle in silence. As a church it’s good to share together and encourage one another to keep following Christ.