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Preacher: Joel Edwards (2), Pete Turner (1).
Book: Jeremiah (1), Revelation (3).
Series: Bible Overview (1), Jeremiah (1), God's Glory (1).
Date: 2014 (1), 2016 (1), 2018 (1)

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Sermons (3)

When the End Comes: Everybody is included
Revelation 21:1-14 (Part of the Bible Overview series).
Preached by Joel Edwards on 15/07/2018 (Sunday Morning).
God is thinking about Vengence. Is it time?
Jeremiah 50:6-14 (Part of the Jeremiah series).
Preached by Joel Edwards on 04/12/2016 (Sunday Morning).
Revelation 21.9-14,22-27 Future Glory
Revelation 21:9-27 (Part of the God's Glory series).
Preached by Pete Turner on 31/08/2014 (Sunday Morning).
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