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Date: 2015 (1), 2017 (1), 2018 (2), 2019 (1)

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Will God speak to us in Dreams
Acts 2:1-21 (Part of the Enough of Joseph, Here's some dreams series).
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Preached by Joel Edwards on 1st December 2019 (Sunday Morning).
The Holy Spirit: Force? Feeling? or Person?
Acts 2:1-13 (Part of the Bible Overview series).
Preached by Joel Edwards on 1st July 2018 (Sunday Morning).
Jesus Mission includes us
Acts 13:1-3 (Part of the Special Events series).
Preached by Jamie T on 18th March 2018 (Sunday Morning).
The Gospel changes diverse lives in Philippi
Acts 16:6-40 (Part of the Philippians series).
Preached by Mus Yusuf on 21st May 2017 (Sunday Morning).
Acts 17:1-15
Acts 17:1-15 (Part of the 1 Thessalonians series).
Preached by Joel Edwards on 3rd May 2015 (Sunday Morning).
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